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Event Details


Event Details is an event for Qt and KDE contributors and enthusiasts to meet up, share their knowledge, contribute, learn, play, have fun and create limitless possibilities using Qt and KDE.

The main objective is to organize an all-inclusive conference on Qt and KDE in India that would cater to newbies as well as experienced folks. It will be a holistic conference that will have something for a developer, designer, writer, website maintainer and anybody else with an interest to learn more about Qt and KDE. is very much about showcasing Qt based products and technologies. Applications written using Qt can be very easily deployed on mobile platforms due to the cross-platform nature of Qt. Because of this, a plethora of KDE apps have already been ported to mobile platforms. Therefore, we expect these sessions to be of immense value to anyone who wants to develop using Qt for desktop, mobile or embedded development.



Bhushan Shah,